Hot variety with pendulous fruits. It is a tall bush 60-70 cm high, with a strong stem, and dark green foliage. The weight of the mature, red ripe fruit is 17-20 grams, its length is 10-14 cm, and its surface is smooth, cylindrical, and dark red when ripe. Its pigment content at picking is 5.0-6.0 g/kg, going up to 7.0- 8.0 g/kg after post harvest ripening. Its capsaicin content is 200-250 mg/100 g depending on the season. The solids content is 18-20 % when ripe. Its fruit has a strong skin and is not easy to damage. Due to its earliness it is suitable for direct seeding under nearly all conditions. It can be grown successfully even without watering on o brown sandy soil that has high organic matter and good subsoil moisture. The yield potential is 16-18 t/ha. It has a high field tolerance to viral diseases.