It is a hot, cherry type paprika of pendulous fruits, with short peduncles and mid-green foliage. The bush is 35-40 cm high, umbrella-like, with closed foliage. The fruits are 2-3 cm in diameter; they are a flat globe shape with closed style point. The fruit surface is smooth, the cross cut is oval. The fruits colour is dark red when ripe, their average weight is 4-7 grams. The solids content is 22-24 % when red-ripe condition, the pigment content of the fruit wall at picking is 4-6 g/kg. The capsaicin content of the fruit is 160 mg/ 100 g. It has a good field tolerance to viral diseases, has a mid-early and short ripening season. The fruits are hard, can cope well with storing. It requires a soil rich in organic matter that can be easily warmed up. It is suitable for both transplanting and direct seeding