Kalocsai merevszárú 622-es paprika

Kalocsai merevszárú 622-es paprika

Kalocsai merevszárú 622

A sweet variety with erect fruit. The bush is 35-45 cm high with sparse foliage, rigid stem with short internodes and of semi-determinate growth habit. Leaves are leathery thick so it has a good field resistance to fungal infections. The fruit is 10-15 cm long, gradually tapering towards a pointed tip, is dark red when ripe. The pigment content at picking is 6.0-8.0 g/kg, increasing to 9.0-12.0 g/kg after post-harvest ripening. If transplanted, due to its short growing season and early, uniform ripening the entire crop can be harvested at the same time. It is primarily direct seeded. It is the most widely spread variety it the Kalocsa region. It requires intensive agronomic conditions, but the compensation is a high yield. Its yield potential is 20-25 tons/ha, has a high tolerance to diseases, which is the basis of secure growing.


Kiváló szín, íz aroma, kalocsai paprika

A Kalocsai Fűszerpaprika Zrt. csomagoló anyagainak kezelését az ÖKO Pannon Kht végzi.

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