Glóbusz baktériumrezisztens cseresznye paprika

It is a hot, cherry type paprika of pendulous fruits with strong stem and continuous growth habit. The bush is 40-50 cm high, the fruits are on the branches one by one. The leaves are loose and scattered, 6-8 cm long 3-4 cm wide, and dark green. The fruits are 2,5-3,0 cm in diameter, dark red when ripe, their average weight is 10 grams. The solids content is 24-25 %‚ pigment content is 5-6 g/kg. It has an early and high yield. It is primarily recommended for transplanting but under suitable agronomic conditions can be direct seeded. It requires intensive growing conditions. It contains a gds gene which ensures a high level of resistance against the Xanthomonas bacterium.


Kiváló szín, íz aroma, kalocsai paprika

A Kalocsai Fűszerpaprika Zrt. csomagoló anyagainak kezelését az ÖKO Pannon Kht végzi.

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